eduroam (education roaming) is a global wireless roaming service developed for the international education and research community. Various educational and research institutes (including universities) from over 100 countries around the world (as of March 2021) participate.

Members of our university can use our university's Kingo Portal ID when visiting other universities and institutions around the world (without additional authentication procedures) to access the university's and institution's wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) resources.

Please refer to the link below for the eduroam affiliated universities and institutions.
– Guide to domestic affiliated organizations: http://www.eduroam.kr
– Guide to overseas affiliated organizations: http://www.eduroam.org

How to use eduroam

1. When members of our university (faculty/students/researchers, etc.) visit other institutions

Wi-Fi How to use Inquiries
eduroam ① Connect with 'eduroam' among the Wi-Fi signals (SSID)
② ID / PW input
ID: Kingo Portal ID + @skku.ac.kr (ex: aaa@skku.ac.kr)
※ Caution! @skku.ac.kr, not @skku.edu
PW: Kingo Portal password
③ Connect after authentication setting for each device (Reference: How to use wireless LAN)
※ Before visiting other institutions, after accessing eduroam on campus, you can use it more conveniently.
SKKU Division of Information and Communications

2. When other institution’s members visit our university

Wi-Fi How to use Inquiries
eduroam ① Connect with 'eduroam' among the Wi-Fi signals (SSID)
※ The institution must be registered with eduroam
② ID / PW input
ID : ID / PW input
PW : Password used by the institution
③ Connect after setting authentication for each device
※ For the authentication setting method for each device, please refer to the method guided by the institution to which the user belongs (not SKKU).
Wireless network division of the institution
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