Student Success Story

Research on Lithium-ion battery that can store alternative energy

Prof. Shoaib Muhammad, LUMS

Dr. Shoaib Muhammad, who finished the doctorate degree in Energy Science at SKKU was appoint as an associate professor at LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) in Pakistan.


Prof. Muhammad came to SKKU because he had a good impression on Korea. “Korea is famous for having a good research facility. It maintains a good research-industry cooperation, which brings positive effect to both university and the industry.” He told us that he was attracted by the advertisement of SKKU’s department of energy science on a certain website. The fact that the courses were conducted in English was a pull factor as well.


“SKKU has excellent environment. Various types of texts and facilities are open for students. The lecture and research is up-to-date and students learn insights from international researches.” The competitive academic atmosphere motivates both students and researchers. Prof. Muhammad expressed that SKKU is a partner that leads the way to become a global leader.


He learned a lot about his research field in SKKU. The experience of conducting projects with major companies like Samsung was a good opportunity to understand the industry and develop academically. Winning the Samsung Humantech Paper Award and KRW 10,000,000 worth grant was the most memorable part of his research. He gave the credit to Prof. Wonsub YOON and his lab researchers.


“SKKU is a top ranked global university and is receiving highlight in the academic world. If I have to give an introduction to students, I would introduce them about Korea’s clean and safe research environment and sufficient research fund. Korea is one of the best destinations to extend one’s career qualitatively.”


He studied about energy storage system and synchrotron based material characterization techniques during his doctorate program.

While he was working in the research institute, he studied about the mechanism of electrochemical reaction in a lithium rechargeable battery. The purpose of this research is to create a sustainable and greener environment. He is focusing on researching about lithium-ion battery as the new medium of energy storage that can replace fossil fuels. He aims to produce many electric automobiles that replaces fossil fuel-run vehicles on the roads.


The industrialization that struck the world in the last century shifted many parts of our lives. Technology has developed rapidly, including the development of lithium-ion battery. Battery technology was only used for mobile phones or laptops in the past. Now, it is being used in various areas including electric automobile and energy storage systems. This research field is becoming more and more important for the industries and nations.


Prof. Muhammad’s research profile and research background at SKKU had a big role in his appointment at LUMS.

“I wish to make contribution to the society with the knowledge that I have accumulated over the years. I also have interest in teaching. My objective is to help students experience another dimension of science and learn to think conceptually.”

He argued that there is no distinction between research and teaching. He claims that one can develop through research and improve the quality of the research by teaching at the same time. Prof. Muhammad aims to uncover the mysteries in the energy storage systems by using chemical engineering skills.