College Affiliated Research Unit

College Affiliated Research Unit
Category Research institute

College of Confucian Studies & Eastern Philosophy - Sungkyun Institute for Confucian Studies and East Asian Philosophy




The institute of Korean Philosophy and Culture 02-760-0215

College of Liberal Arts -Institute of Humanities 02-760-0307


Center for Francophone Studies / Centre d'Etudes Francophones 02-760-0833

Institute for Knowledge and Information Management 02-760-1284

Institute for Hybrid Future Culture 02-760-1961

Center for East Asian History 02-760-0738

Center for Cross Culture Studies 02-760-0274

Korean Studies Institute 02-760-0233


Institute for Critical Thinking and Culture 02-760-0316

Institute of Russian Culture

German Society and Culture Institute

Institute of Chinese Culture

The Insititute of Interaction English Studies 02-760-0250

Sungkyunkwan Institute of Japanese Studies 02-760-1093

College of Law


Institute of Legal Studies 02-760-1288

Science & Technology Law Institute 02-760-0767

Institute of East Asian Law & Politics (IEALP-SKKU)

College of Social Sciences 02-760-1282

Institute of Applied Psychology 02-760-1280

Media, Culture and Contents Research Center 02-760-0391

Global E-Policy E-Gov Institute(GePeGI) 02-760-1327

Center of Leadership & Public Management 02-760-0373

Institute for Social Welfare Studies 02-760-0639

Sustainable Urban Development Institute 02-760-1326

Policy Evaluation Research Institution 02-760-0676

Research Institute for Human Life Sciences 02-760-0522

Governance Research Center 02-760-0375

Research Center for Better Democracy 02-760-0386

Human Rights and Development Center 02-760-0445

Policy Evaluation Research Institution 02-760-0676

SKKU Gifted Education Center

The East Asia Collaboration Center (EACC)

Sungkyun Institute for Global Strategy (SIGS)


Research Center for Creativity and Convergence

Meta Society Institute

Institute of Technology and Democracy

College of Economics

Economic Research Institute 02-760-1286

Institute of International Trade 02-760-1283

Research Institute of Applied Statistics 02-760-1295

School of Business

Institute of Management Research 02-760-1273

College of Education - 교육연구원 02-760-0996

Private Tutoring Innovation Education and Research Center 02-760-0544

Traumatic Stress Center 02-760-0558

Sungkyun EduTech Research Institute (SETRI)

Education and Future Institute

School of Art

Performance and Design Science Institute 02-760-0657

Trans Media Institute 02-760-0669

Game Center

University College

Institute of General Education 031-299-4202

College of Science 031-290-5262

Institute of Basic Science 031-290-5262

Creative Research Institute 031-290-5935

Creative Research Institute for Quantum Materials and Superconductivity 031-299-4941

Nano/Bio Fusion Technology Research Center 031-299-4568





Convergence Research Center for Energy and Environmental Sciences

Chiral Material Core Facility Center

College of Information and Communication Engineering 031-290-7141

Institute Of Information & Communications Technology 031-290-5261

Industrial Electronics Application Center 031-299-5267

Energy Harvesting Communications Research Center (ERC) 031-299-4648

Game Technology Center 031-290-5411

Energy Power Research Center 031-290-4962

Center for Power IT 031-290-4630

Intelligent Systems Research Center 031-290-6471

IT Acceleration Engineering Research Center 031-299-4666

Analog/RF Circuit and System Research Center, ARRC 031-290-7993

AI-Digital Health Care Research Center

Research center for clean energy ICT 031-290-7162

Clean Air Research Center

Super Sapiens Research Institute

College of Computing and Informatics 031-290-7141


Interaction Science Research Center 02-740-1855

College of Engineering 031-290-7396

Polymer Technology Institute 031-290-5271

Research Center for Advanced Materials Technology 031-299-4121

Institute of Advanced Machinery and Technology 031-290-7430

Center for Built Environment 031-290-4125

Environmental Forensics Research Center 031-299-6691

Center for Quality and Innovation 031-290-5945

Robotics Engineering Research Center 031-299-4680

Smart Green City Lab 031-290-7575

Interface Research Center 031-299-4122

Korean Chemical Research Institute – SKKU Joint Research Center 031-290-7319

SungKyun Architecture Institute 02-760-0827

Advanced Materials and Process Research Center for IT 031-290-5640

Smart Future Appliances Research Center 031-290-7430

Creative Design Institute 031-290-6581

Smart Convergence Design Institute 031-299-6870

Research Institute For Ultra-Small Device Manufacturing Technology 031-290-7430

Macromolecular Future Materials Research Center 031-299-4151

Energy Frontier Laboratory

Center for Next-Generation Energy Materials 031-299-4706

Institute of Convergent Chemical Engineering and Technology

Self-healing Green Concrete Research Center 031-299-4782

KIST-SKKU Carbon-Neurtal Research Center

Multidisciplinary Research Center for Next-Generation Automobiles 031-299-4147

School of Pharmacy 031-290-7714


Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences 031-290-5268

Epigenome Dynamics Control Research Center 031-290-7743

Drug Delivery Technologies Research Center 031-299-4282

College of Biotechnology and Bioengineering 031-290-7880

Biocosmetics Research Center 031-290-7880

Antibody Engineering Research Center

Antibody Engineering Research Center

Clinical Nutrition Research Center

Food Flavor Sensory Research Center

BioFoundry Research Center

B-ICT Research Center

College of Sport Science

Research Institute for Physical Fitness and Sport Science 031-299-6936

Institute of Medical Science 031-299-6047

Institute of Medical Research 031-299-6047

Institute for Antimicrobial Resistance research and Therapeutics(IAMRT) 031-299-6152

Single Cell Network Research Center 031-299-6427

Institute of Healthcare Planning 02-2001-2746

Institute of Medical Nutrition 02-2001-2746

SKKU Institute for Convergence 02-3410-2511

Institute of Confucian Art & Cultural Contents(ICACC) 010-2635-7804

Center for Nanotubes and Nanostructured Composites 031-299-4271

Institute of new paradigm of energy science convergence 031-299-4274

Center for Electride Materials 031-299-4266

Nature Inspired Materials Processing Research Center 031-299-4266

Artificial atom and quantum materials Center 031-299-4256

Institute for Intelligent Precision Healthcare 031-299-4340

KIST-SKKU Brain Research Center 031-299-4342

Graduate School of China 02-3410-2511

Korea-China Digital Business Institute 02-760-1292

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