SKKU i-Campus Suggests the Direction of Remote Lecture in the Post-Corona Era 2020.10.21
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SKKU i-Campus Suggests the Direction of Remote Lecture in the Post-Corona Era

Due to concerns over the spread of COVID-19, remote lectures using online platforms have no longer become an option but a necessity. In fact, the quality of remote lectures is controversial. However, the remote lectures of SKKU’s humanities and Social Sciences Campus on October 19 (Mon) seemed irrelevant to the controversy. SKKU’s efforts to study and prepare online classes have become effective in an unexpected situation, the COVID-19. Many classrooms offer live both online and offline lectures and Leaning Management System (LMS) allows the lectures to be saved/stored automatically. On top of that, there are studios for faculty members to produce learning contents.

SKKU has many different facilities where professors can produce their online educational contents. First, there is a studio where professors produce online educational content, and two professional producers (PD) edit the videos of professors’ lectures. In addition, there is self-studio which is smaller than the studio but professors still can produce their own lecture contents by themselves. Moreover, there are 244 class rooms equipped with devices which facilitate the lectures recorded and stored automatically. These are being used for the online-offline classes by linking the system with the WebEx. It allows students to take the class online simultaneously and to watch the stored lecture videos again.

Furthermore, it seems that both students and faculty members are highly satisfied with these facilities. One of the students from EMBA at SKKU said, “For the foreign students, there could have been difficulties in entering Korea due to mandatory quarantine and etc., but they could solve their problem through the provision of online-offline lectures. I was satisfied with the way SKKU handled this unexpected situation and the quality of lectures.”

*Original Article: https://www.fnnews.com/news/202010201718471818

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