Research & Business Foundation

The SKKU Research & Business Foundation utilizes an infrastructure consisting of researchers and equipment that functions at highest level among Korean universities which enables it to make outstanding progress in R&D. Through the establishment of an active industry-university cooperation system, its goal is to maximize the outcome of its research to effectively apply SKKU’s creative research output and knowledge, develop new problem-solving technologies, and cultivate highly skilled professionals.


Goals of the Research & Business Foundation

  • To promote academic-industrial cooperation as stated in the promotion of industrial education and academic-industrial cooperation law
  • To support economic development and industry-based basic/applied research activities designed for academic-industrial cooperation between university, government, and business
  • To administer intellectual property(technology development/transfer)
  • To manage technology transfer, commercialization, and industry incubation
  • To centrally supervise research and support funding from the central and local governments
  • To evaluate university-affiliated research institutes and make policy reforms
  • To organize the Research Integrity Committee and the Bioethics and Biosafety Committee
  • To operate support projects for academic research funding and academic activity
  • To oversee university leading TLO projects and leaders in industry-university cooperation projects
  • To manage technology-holding companies

Organization Chart

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