Organizational Chart

President-Academic Committee/General Facully Council-Executive Vice President of Humanities and Social Sciences Campus/Executive Vice President of Natural Sciences Campus/Dean of Graduate School/Executive Vice President of Medical Affairs 조직도
Humanities and Social Sciences Campus
  • College of Confucian Studies & Eastern Philosophy

    • Graduate School of Confucian Studies
    • Yanghyon-jae (Academic Institute for Confucian Studies)
    • Sungkyun Institute for Confucian Studies and East Asian Philosophy (SICEP)
      - Institute For Eastern Philosophy & Culture
      - Institute of Korean Philosophy and Humanistic Culture
      - Institute of Confucian Philosophy and Cultural Contents
    • College of Confucian Studies & Eastern philosophy Administrative Office

    College of Economics

    • Institute of Foreign Trade
    • Research Institute of Applied Statistics
    • Economics Research institute
    • College of Economics Administrative Office

    College of Education

    • Graduate School of Education
    • Educational Policy Research Center
      • Research Center for Innovation of Private Education
      • Research Institute of Trauma & Mental Health
    • Education & Research Center for Admissions Representatives
    • College of Education Administrative Office
  • College of Liberal Arts

    • Graduate School of Translation and TESOL
    • School of Library & Information Services
    • Institute of the Humanities
      • Institute for Critical Thinking and Culture
      • Institute of Knowledge & Information Management
      • Center for Francophone Studies / Centre d'Etudes Francophones
      • Institute of Future Hybrid Culture
      • Institute of East Asian History
      • Center for Cross-Cultural Studies
      • Institute for Korean Studies & Culture
      • Institute of East Asian Chinese Classics
      • Institute For Philosophy & Liberal Arts Education
      • Institute for Anglo-American Cultural Studies
      • Institute for Chinese Cultural Studies
      • Institute for German-Speaking Society & Culture Studies
      • Institute for Russian Cultural Studies
      • Sungkyun Japan Research Institute
    • College of Liberal Arts Administrative Office
  • School of Art

    • Graduate School of Design
    • Design Science Institute
    • Trans-Media Institute
    • School of Art Administrative Office

    Law School

    • Institute of Law
      • Institute of Glocal Science & Technology
      • Institute of East Asian Law and Politics
    • Law School Student Career Center
    • Law School Administrative Office

    SKK Business School

    • Graduate School of Business
    • SKK GSB
    • Graduate School of Business Administration(IMBA)
    • Graduate School of Global Insurance & Pension
    • Institute of Management Research
    • Joint Research Institute for Information & Communication Management
    • SKK Business School Administrative Office

    Graduate School of China

    • Contemporary China Institute
      Korea-China Digital Business Institute
    • Graduate School of China Administrative Office
  • College of Social Sciences

  • Content Manager