ESG Committee

Sungkyunkwan University is cultivating talented people who will lead a sustainable future based on the founding philosophy of self-cultivation and humanity and the teachings of benevolence, righteousness, and wisdom. Our university is operating the 「ESG Committee」 that systematically oversees and practices environment and safety (Environment), Equality, Diversion & Inclusion and social contribution (Social), and ethical management (Governance) in order to fulfill its responsibility as a university to realize social value creation and contribute to sustainable social development.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Establish ESG vision, goal management strategy
  • Supervise university's ESG activities and check performance
  • Foster ESG related research and education


  • Chairman: President / Vice-chairman: Vice President / Steward: Provost of Strategic Planning
  • Subcommittee
    ‧ Sustainable Environment & Safety Management Committee
    ‧ Equality, Diversion and Inclusion & Social Responsibility Committee
    ‧ Ethical Management & Governance Committee

SKKU Office of Sustainability

  • Content Manager