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Graduate School of Confucian Studies

Confucian Studies Graduate School was founded in 1988 and divided into two specific majors within East Asian Department of Thought and Culture. Confucian Sutra and Korean Philosophy(Specific Major) aims to contribute to development of advanced national culture in this era by educating how to interpret and understand confucian sutra. Oriental Calligraphy Studies and Aesthetics(Specific Major) provide education including history of oriental calligraphy, asesthetics of oriental calligraphy, creation, and criticism. To do so, it aim to foster talented studying East Asian culture and art. Etiquette in Life and Way of Tea(Specific Major) As a researcher, the life etiquette and tea ceremony major aims at exploring Korean examples and cultures of tea ceremony, specializing in etiquette and tea ceremony for the implementation of the ceremony as a specialist, and cultivating traditional etiquette and tea ceremony culture as a cultural mission.

Graduate School of Education

The main purpose of Graduate School of Education is to train competent educationists through actual researches and profound theories about pedagogy with 修己治人 which is founding principles of Sungkyunkwan University.

Graduate School of Strategic Studies

The aim of the National Strategy Studies Graduate School is to produce global leaders with problem-solving skills to survive in a fiercely competitive world in the 21st century. We teach students problem-solving skills to develop the ability to develop new strategies. Not only that, we provide on-the-job training programs. One of the most powerful advantages is the pool of SKKU faculty members, as the professors are the most prominent figures in their field. In addition, it expands education opportunities for employees by providing classes on weekends. Futhermore, the school has collaborated with government education agencies to co-research by sharing their own education programs, and has played a key role in becoming a leading global education center in Korea. Therefore, we make sure that graduates become global leaders who pave the way in the 21st century.

Graduate School of Communication and Journalism

In the age of Information Technology, the mass media has greatly influenced on our society. So, the goal of SKKU Communication and Journalism Graduate School is to produce professionals to work for the media industry by providing intensive training courses and retraining experienced workers.

Graduate School of Information and Communications

ICI educates IT engineers to lead industrial technologies and to be advanced engineer to meet requirements from government, public institutes and industries. For the essential areas of IT, such as information security, IT consulting, Big Data, Information, and computer, up-to-date curriculum is developed and maintained to reflect rapidly changing technology environment. Excellent faculty with abundant educational and field experiences teach basic theory , advanced theory and new technologies in state-of-the-art lecture rooms to enhance field application capability, creative thinking and global competitiveness.

Graduate School of Design

With the age of Information Technology, businesses have emphasized the importance of their product design. In order to meet the demands of the market, SKKU provides students with global standard education programs and produces talented designers and CEOs to serve as global leaders. We introduce business academic programs to encourage students to run their own business. Our graduate runs two departments: Design and Architectural and Urban Space. The Design aspect is divided into three majors: Environmental Design, Design Management and Fashion.

Graduate School of Translation and TESOL

Translation · TESOL Graduate School was founded in 2000 and is divided into two departments. Department of Translation (English-Korean Translation) provides a deep understanding of the difference between Korean and English, which is a key communication factor between two different cultures. Moreover, it provides professional education to foster official translators. The TESOL department aims to foster experts on English language education by providing various programs including various teaching methods and maximizing student motivation.

Graduate School of Social Welfare

SKKU raises students to develop their abilities to put their theories into practice and address social welfare problems. In the hope of that, SKKU has emphasized on-the-job training programs based on the basic knowledge of social welfare. Recently, Korean society has gone through radical changes in globalization, polarization, low fertility rates and family disorganization. It is also time to make changes in the field of social welfare. Therefore, in terms of overall social changes, SKKU Social Welfare Dept. is putting a great deal of efforts into cultivating leaders who can bring advances in social welfare programs as well as Korean society

Graduate School of Clinical Nursing Science

Graduate School of Business Administration(IMBA)

IMBA is Korea's highest quality on-line MBA degree program. This program is designed for students unable to participate in a program using a traditional format. The IMBA is Korea's first fully online MBA degree program.

Graduate School of Culture Management

The demand for experts of Arts and culture sectors has sharply increased from all walks of life. Also, new businesses have been created in the field of content, international cultural exchanges and Korean Pop Culture. This trend is expected to accelerate, increasing the need of producing global managers in this sector. The aim of SKKU Culture Management Graduate School is to improve the quality of our life and seek prosperity. So, it has put a great emphasis on teaching basic theories and researching practical approaches to creating higher value-added businesses.

Graduate School of Global Insurance and Pension

Graduate School of Global Entrepreneurship

The school, divided into the major of Entrepreneurship and Start-up Consultant, aims for higher education that enhances academic expertise through a field centered specialized program on the basis of theatrical research. Particularly, we are pursuing Born Global, providing summer and winter field trips with overseas universities (China, Japan, USA, Vietnam, etc.) and continuing support for advanced and high-quality start-ups and overseas expansion. To expand the foundation of local business and to create and expand business atmosphere In order to expand the foundation of local business and to create and expand the business atmosphere, Sungkyunkwan University Incubator Center, Gyeonggi Provincial Incubator Center, Sungkyunkwan University Family Company, TIPS Operator, K-run Venture Capital, magnar Venture Capital etc, g-rnd, GIVA etc, It is operated as a differentiated practical training program linked to external organizations through collaboration.

Graduate School of Media and Culture

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