Administrative Offices

Research & Business Foundation

Development of academic research projects, conclusion of research agreements, comprehensive management of research funds, provision of support for research and academic activities, management of research resource computing system, general management of BK21 projects

Research And Business Foundation Management Support Team

The Research Promotion Team is responsible for Industry-University Cooperation Foundation businesses, finance and accounting work in Industry-University Cooperation.

Major Responsibilities and Functions

  • Industry-University Cooperation Foundation businesses
  • Interactions with Industry-University Cooperation-related institutions
  • Operation of Industry-University Cooperation Operating Committee and Research Planning Committee
  • Establishment, revision and dismissal of Industry-University Cooperation Foundation regulations
  • Planning and management of Industry-University Cooperation Foundation budget
  • Personnel management of Industry-University Cooperation Foundation staff
  • Other works related to Industry-University Cooperation and works not affiliated with other teams in the Industry-University Cooperation Foundation.

Research Support Team

The Research Support Team is responsible for planning and promotion of Industry-University Cooperation projects, the reception of research project applications, conclusion of agreements, management of research funds, management of the research fund management system and provision of research support.

Major Responsibilities and Functions

  • Management of research group directors’ official seals
  • Conclusion of service agreements with the government, regional governments and businesses
  • Management of government, regional government and business research projects
  • Planning and implementation of university and external research fund management support service
  • Settlement of research funds and provision of research fund performance report
  • Operation of the central research fund management system
  • Operation of the Brain Korea 21 Project
  • Planning of new projects
  • Establishment and implementation of academic and research promotion policies
  • Statistics on research tasks, research funds and Industry-University Cooperation/research related data

Industry-University Cooperation Project Team

The Industry-University Cooperation Project Team facilitates exchanges and interactions between industry, academic organizations, research institutions and the government to improve the education and research capacity of the SKKU and to establish an industrial cluster that will lead the 21st century’s high-tech industries.

Major Responsibilities and Functions

  • Management of intellectual property and technology transfer
  • Conclusion of service agreements with business entities
  • Operation of the Business Incubator Center and management of business incubator enterprises
  • Operation of the Patent Deliberation Committee
  • Management of the Gyeonggi Techno Park Support Center, Regional Consortium Support Center and Technology Transfer Center
  • Content Manager